Caching and Browser Cache TTL

I am trying to institute browser caching across all content on my Wordpress site.

My current setup:

Dashboard > Caching > Browser Cache TTL = Respect Existing Headers

Dashboard > Page Rules > =* - Cache everything, and Browser Cache TTL 1 month.

This gives me 1 month of cache time on all content on my Wordpress site, but if there are any updates to an existing post “Respect Existing Headers” will allow a reader to see the new updated information.

(If there is a better way to do this, please let me know)

My problem:

This works on the actual post, even with Browser Cache TTL set to 30 days, I see new updates in the POST.

But I do not in POST categories and tags.

I’m surprised that works for an actual post. Once it’s in the browser cache, the browser isn’t going to take another look until that cache expires. Or the user force refreshes the page.

Can you post the URL of a post with these settings?

Personally, I use Workers to cache the page at Cloudflare for a week or more, but set browser cache to a day. The Cloudflare plugin will clear the entire Edge Cache upon updates, and browsers will get them within a day.

@sdayman Yes sir, go to and then click on the links to TAG and CATEGORY.

Let me know when you have done that and closed the browser, then I will update all three with new information. Then, see if you see the updates on the post but not tag or category.

ok now close the browser and let me update the post, tag, and category then revisit all three.

Browser closed now.

@sdayman ok now close your browser and completely leave the site so I can update all three pages. Let me know when it’s closed.

@sdayman OK now go back to and see if you see the NEW information WITHOUT refreshing?

and on the tag and category?

Nothing changed until I forced a refresh. Post, Tag, and Category did not show “DO YOU SEE THIS NEW INFORMATION ON THIS POST, THE TAG AND CATEGORY WITHOUT REFRESHING?” upon second launch of Safari and visit to those three URLs.

Note that I did not go directly to my page URL. I went to the home page, and clicked on Latest: sdayman, as typing it in the address bar forces a refresh (as I recall).

OK then I need to figure out another way. I like having ALL my resources css, javascript, images, content cached for a long time but for cloudflare to deliver new updates to css, javascript, images, and content on a new visit without refreshing.

I will look in to workers now.

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