Caching and Always Online Issues

I have Always Online configured. But my site is not loading properly do to a server error, and I get this message:

  1. Isn’t the entire point of always online to avoid this situation?
  2. Is there a way to get notified when there is a problem on my server and always online is covering for it? Otherwise, the feature is of little value. It just delays finding out that there is a problem.

Thanks for you help!

As a followup, I changed the Cloudflare caching to developer mode and everything started working again. Does anyone know what happened? This makes me shy of using the Cloudflare cache at all, which is kind of the reason for signing up.

It looks like you’ve set that page to NoCache, so Always Online isn’t going to cache it.

Is that different to development mode, which I just switched on?

They’re different. Dev Mode is for standard Cloudflare Caching of static resources. Your switch to Dev Mode is probably a coincidence.

And here are some possible causes for the 522 you saw:

Thanks. Your original comment about setting the page to no-cache. Is that from the server side, or where id you find that?

It’s in the response headers for your site. Most likely set at the server.

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