Caching and 404 not fount


some images appear 404 for alot of time knowing that it’s exist on my server (it still 404 for long time not 4 minutes only)
What I do on my rule?
i put “media” in my URL this fire rule on my Cloudflare and this rule contain the caching and redirect (if i delete media image appear directly )
(this url not work because it use cache)
(this url work fine because it does not use cache)

How To Solve This Problem?!

Thanks All


I get both images returning 200 from CF Cache. One as HIT, the other as REVALIDATED. I tried a few times. Have you solved your issue?

thanks for your help
this is the problem when i clear cache and wait 30 seconds the images re-appear again
(in this case i clear the cache so the image re-appear)
but this way not a solution for this problem

The images in the screenshot above were both cached. What cache are you clearing?

i clear cache from here of course Cloudflare re-cache it because i don’t stop caching i just clear it

this is my Page Rule

for now all this images not showing on my website Knowing that all this images are existing on my server
this URL for one of them if you check this now you can fine it not appear
if i delete media from URL it’s appear (so i don’t use Page Rule)

this two images showing what happening @cbrandt

This is very hard to troubleshoot, as any intermittent issue.

Your rule should not be necessary to cache your images. Images are static files, and they are cached by Cloudflare by default. You probaby had to create the rule because your origin sets E-Tag headers for image files, which would cause a MISS every time. Try to remove the E-Tag headers for images and disable the cache-everything rule for images.

Another point: why do you add /media/ to your URLs? Can’t you just cache the original image URLs?

I don’t see how Cloudflare could be responsible for the 404s you are getting. 404s are responses from your origin. Can you please elaborate what Cloudflare feature do you think could be resulting in your 404s? Do you use Workers?