Caching a typical h.264 mp4 video file under cloudflare pages free plan

I have a basic landing page being hosted with cloudflare pages. I’d like to put a video as the background on the landing page and want to make sure this is okay under a free cloudflare pages plan. The video is not the main focus and is a typical no audio h.264 mp4 video file. A good example of what I’m trying to do is like this site I’d like to get the ok upfront before I upload it and my account gets disabled if its not okay. I did some research beforehand but most of what I found was for video streaming or didn’t specify free vs paid plans or if there was any difference for this topic.

I can’t comment on what is and isn’t against ToS (though my natural assumption would be that this is okay), however you may find it useful also asking this question in the Cloudflare Workers Discord server where there is a #pages channel.

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Thank you

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