Caches and HAR Issue - Help NGO in Ghana

Hello All,

I am Philip from PAAJAF Foundation; it is an NGO in Ghana to support underprivileged children, youth and women . I am not a web developer or a design. We have got issue with our website that when we upload update to the site it does not reflect.

Our website is linked to Cloudflare, a developer volunteer is helping us to rework on our website and we have encountered this issue. The developer has been trying to connect with the Cloudflare support Team so that we could get the issue solved. He was asked to prove HAR of which we have sent to them but still we have not heard from them and the task is delaying. In view of this, I am writing here to see if we could get some help from you guys. Please read what the developer says:

“I have tried to purge the cache for & however after trying several browsers (clearing cache from each of them as well) the sites are not updating or refreshing - even after deleting something on the site, it’s still there. Can someone please assist?”

We have the HAR files now with us.

We really need help on this.

Thank you


First, please note that I am decidedly not the most experienced person, so take my advice with caution.

However, I suspect that your problem may lie with Bunny CDN. You are running java script for which I would guess is cacheing your site. If I attempt to go directly to I get this error message:

Hostname is suspended or not configured

It seems that the hostname has not been configured with BunnyCDN yet. If you just created the zone, please note that it can take up to 5 minutes for the updates to configure.

If you are the administrator and believe this is an error on our side, please check your BunnyCDN account configuration or contact customer support.

At a wild guess further, it might be that your ssl configuration to Bunny CDN is configured incorrectly.

Maybe someone who really knows what they’re doing can offer you further or better pointers to the source of your issue.

Thank you very much. I will forward this to our volunteer to see. If someone would be able to check it for us too we will be more than happy. Our CHARITY needs and urgent help on this issue.

Thank you

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