Cached vs uncached

I upgraded yesterday to pro, so maybe its too early to ask, but my cached to uncached requests is less than 20%
my site is a wordpress site, installed both cloudflare and WP Fastest cache plugins.
Is this normal or am I doing something the wrong way?



Just upgrading from free to pro doesn’t mean that you will get more cache. It’s necessary some work in optimizing every option for best perfomance for each project.

There is no specific difference in FREE vs PRO when it comes to the Cloudflare CDN and caching. Keep in mind, Cloudflare is not really like a traditional CDN service … Cloudflare has a few hundred POP servers around the world, but may only store your requested objects in POP locations where you have sufficient requests to justify storing the object.

Also, how long are your cache headers set? If you for example have one week cache headers, and objects are served from 100s of pop servers, depending on your visitor volume, you will often get a high MISS ratio because cached objects are invalidated.

Finally, if you have a 20% cache ratio, this will include NON-caching objects like HTML pages, PHP requests etc, which will NEVER cache anyway. This number will therefore never reach 100%.

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