Cached version still displays no matter what i do

My website is still displaying a really old version as evidenced by already-removed content (the blank cards) still being displayed.

I cleared the cache multiple times, set custom page rules, changing the encryption from flexible to full etc. etc but no matter what I do it doesn’t update

I log on the server whenever it gets a request and it never logs

It works fine on the http version but for https its still using the cached one from many days ago.

Please help me this is breaking my site

No such blank cards here. Possibly a browser cache issue. Clear your browser cache or try with another browser.

The blank cards (that say blocktanks io) shouldnt be on the site. I have refreshed my cache, reloaded, gone incognito etc and got confirmation from other people that its broken.

Also you can see it in the API call:

(search for blocktanks in the calls to see they are different)

can you check the API calls?

I have contacted multiple people and they are all having the same problem:

on the http version its fine, but the https version is broken

I guess these people also have caching issues

When I search for blocktanks, it doesnt return anything in the first place.

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