% Cached Vacillates

Why does % Cached on dashboard vacillate? For a while, I struggled to get it above 17%. I created some page rules and it steadily increased to 42% cached. Now it’s down to 37%.

If something is cached – and cache is not cleared – shouldn’t % Cached stay constant – or at least not decrease?

Also: How can increase % Cached? I’ve followed many posts here but can’t get it above the 30% range or so.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Every Cloudflare datacenter has an independent cache. And anything that’s cached doesn’t stay in cache forever. It can get evicted quickly if it’s not used.

So…visitors/crawlers from different regions are going to hit different cached or non-cached assets at different times.

The only way to get high cache hits is if your site doesn’t have a wide variety of cacheable files, and has high traffic (lots of hits to limited files).

@sdayman, now I get it. That makes total sense. I have 600K pages – but ~1K hits/per day. And how they get hit definitely varies from day to day.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and prompt reply, @sdayman. :slight_smile:

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