Cached resource in CF reserve expires in 10 minutes

I’m using CF reserve feature for one of our enterprise account. I noticed the resource gets caches across edge (example, the first response from the resource from SJC is miss, but the request from ORD is HIT since SJC resource was cached).

I noticed, if I don’t hit the same resource and stay idle for10 minutes, it gets expires.
Am I missing something here?

I’m using Fetch API for caching
CF object value is

        let cf = {
            cacheKey: cacheKey,
            //cacheTtlByStatus: { '200-299': 2419200 }, //30 days,
            cacheTag: cacheTag,
            cacheTtl: 2592000,
            cacheEverything: true,

Note - this is for different enterprise account that we use.


Hey guys, any help here is appreciated. Thanks!

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