Cached Object Availability of Workers Cache API


the Cache API documentation at states

The Cache API is available globally but the contents of the cache do not replicate outside of the originating data center. A GET /users response can be cached in the originating data center, but will not exist in another data center unless it has been explicitly created.


This individualized zone cache object differs from Cloudflare’s Global CDN. For details, refer to How the Cache Works.

My questions are:

Do I understand correctly, that the cached object is not available globally? So in other parts of the world there would be a MISS even if something was put to the cache? My cached endpoint could probably then expect more than 1 request at the same time, since there would not be a „match“?

What does „unless explicitly created“ mean here? It sounds like this would be an option to do - or does it just mean that this should have happened in other data centers then?

What is a „individualized zone cache object“? The link in the text does not tell any about the differences to the CDN

And could you elaborate on these differences?

Maybe this also helps others, since I read many times through the docs trying to understand.



is no one able to resolve these questions?


@andreas.sqsh have you managed to get an answer to this? I had the exact same question


If you didn’t put it into the cache in other parts of the world, yes.

Using cache.put

It is separate from the cache used on traditional origins proxied through Cloudflare.