Cached issues

I am struggling with cached on my website.
I want to customize the refreshes on cached, without having to manually flush cached everytime I update an image. With updating image I mean replacing the same named image in my file manager. soo bg-page1.jpg yet again uploads as bg-page1.jpg.
I am using an updater for a game and it reads files from the website host.

I am using the standard caching level option.
Browser Cache TTL is on 20min. although I’m not completely sure what it does…

If I use the dev mode with no cached it is fine, when I use the 20min browser cached it someone only works once, if I replace the image again and I count 20min, nothing happens anymore…

Can someone maybe help me? Do I need to buy the additional monthly pack for this or?

Images go into Cloudflare’s Edge Cache. Edge Cache TTL defaults to 4 hours, I believe. You can reduce this to a 2-hour max with a Page Rule. You can also Bypass Cache for images that follow a particular pattern that you can wildcard, such as a common directory, or common beginning of the file name.

Browsers have their own cache, which you’ve set to 20 minutes, but it will pull from Cloudflare’s Edge after 20 minutes.

As Images are meant to be static files, one option (if you can’t craft a sufficient Page Rule) is to add a query string to your HTML every time you update the images, such as bg-page1.jpg?v=211012
If you need

Thank you!

And any other file? a dat.bz2 for example.
How does cloudflare threat those?

Here’s the list:

And the Cache TTL defaults to how many hours? for BZ2 file.

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