Cached Image is not updating after two days! <- This is the page where we are facing issues. The images are cached and not updating. Its been the same for the last two days. We tried different ways like purging the cache for this page and the whole website, restarting the server through WHM, setting browser cache TTL is set to 30 minutes, created custom rules for this page to bypass the cache but nothing is working, unfortunately. After updating the image if the page is reloaded with CTRL+F5 then it is showing the latest images though if the browser cache is cleared then it is not coming. It’s showing the same issue for every device, so I am not sure that its a browser level cache or not. What could be the possible solution?

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Your problem is not so much the cached images, but the PHP/HTML page that is requesting images from an older date. I’ve visited your page with Chrome and got an earlier date, then after a forced refresh I got the current date’s page.

Both had their HTML with a CF-Cache-Status header set to Dynamic. That seems to indicate that there’s some sort of misconfigured cache at your origin that is serving old-date pages (and they of course request the images that were current at that date).

I tested again with Edge from the same IP and machine, and again I got a Dynamic page from an earlier date (Tuesday, Nov 24), as you can see in the screenshot below.

After a forced refresh, the browser fetched the current page, again with a Dynamic CF cache status.

You need to check your origin settings, perhaps you have some server cache that is not working properly.


Thank you so much for the response. Found the issue at last. We activated EZOIC earlier and the caching option was enabled from there. So it was conflicting. Now it is working fine.

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