Cached DNS impact on SEO

New to Cloudflare.
Came to it because a domain had a bad ddos attack. We set up a paid account and used DNS with hhtp proxy enabled. All seems good with Google still ranking the site and returning full entry of title, url and description.
We then set up a different account (free) with another domain and again added DNS with http proxy. This domain has tanked from second on page 1 in the unpaid rankings on Google to page 3. The title and description content disappeared so the entry was just a generic title and the URL. Last night we moved the nameservers out and asked Google to reindex. This morning it is back up to second on page 1 with all meta data visible again.
We are unsure what is happening here. After googling for information we found a few similar issues but no obvious resolution best suggestion was the Cloudflare IP’s were getting blacklisted or similar. Is that likely? The 2 domains did have different Cloudflare IP’s. Can anyone point me at some ideas to sort this please? I am assuming it is either due to being free version or I have missed something when setting both accounts up.

after you moved out its pretty much impossible to know
did you changed any setting in Cloudflare?
did you had any error in your google webmaster console?

lots of big sites using Cloudflare and they don’t have any problem with google ranking

I can give some further clues. We added a third domain a few days ago, it was also going down the rankings. I have just checked it, as it is still on cloudfare with http proxy now off (grey cloud). It now has the title and description back, ranking has gone up but no Google Search Console stats for today yet. There are no site errors this week but there are 74 url errors (503 and 52x)! Had not looked there as we normally get none. So that is likely issue, only problem is what is wrong with the setup. Any ideas where to start looking as I do not remember doing any Cloudflare settings changes but I must have (or missed something I should have changed?)?

Could it be that you some other issues on the site being moved (like HTTPS configuration error between CF and your origin)?

Sorry my mistake, I forgot we had a server error on the day the url errors are showing on Search Console. Have cleared them and will track any new ones (if any). I don’t think there are any configuration errors. Think that is bourne out by the problem being fixed by switching off http proxy isn’t it? Or does https need any addtional settings? That is a difference between the domain that is okay and the 2 that aren’t but cannot think why thet would be an issue would it? CF allows 443 as well as 80 doesn’t it?

Of course, by default HTTP is on port 80, HTTPS on 443. Cloudflare has some additional ports that work, but that many.

The only issue that usually happens is when you have SSL set to Flexible in the Dashboard and the origin does a 301/302 to HTTPS on its HTTP port. This causes a redirect loop because Cloudflare, when user connect via HTTPS requests on HTTP (Flexible is this kind of behavior) getting a redirect to HTTPS which shouldn’t be there. It’s easily fixed by setting SSL to one of the two Full modes (depending on your configuration).

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