Cached certificates?


You have probably heard about the huge mess caused by the DST Root CA X3 expiration of Let’s Encrypt. I’m trying to solve this problem for all my websites. And I have a very annoying issue with one of them.

My goal is to get rid of the Let’s Encrypt certificat, to use the Cloudflare one which seems to be supported way more widely by my user base. Of course it implies that I proxify all my servers, which is alright in this specific following case:


The Origin Certificate will never be seen by the public. Whatever Cloudflare has at the Edge is pretty much it. I thought an Disable/Enable of Universal SSL might re-issue the Let’s Encrypt certificate, but that doesn’t seem to be working. Or will just re-issue a new one with the same problem.

I think the only way to fix the Let’s Encrypt problem, if that’s what’s really going on, is to open a ticket here. Via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com and then post the ticket # here so we can escalate it for a hard re-issue of a good cert.


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