Cached Bandwidth Very Poor

please help. I do not know what is wrong, or what I have not done well. Cached Bandwidth is very low. I do not understand why it does not store the files.

You can see it in the image, it does not save the files.
Cached Requests Last 24 hours 15,408 | Uncached Requests Last 24 hours 24,811

But requests works fine

What should I do?

Without an actual URL of a file you expect to be in the cache, there’s not much we can suggest. It’s possible that what you expect to be cached isn’t actually set to be cached.

What I can say is that Cloudflare has a ton of edge servers, and each one has its own cache that needs a visitor local to that datacenter to request the file before it’s cached. This takes a while. If a file is not frequently used, it won’t stay in the cache.

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