Cached bandwidth dropped 50% after server migration

A few weeks ago (around 4th July) I moved servers, all that’s changed on the cloudflare side is the IP address of all the DNS records, everything else (page rules, daily traffic, etc) has remained the same.

Since the move, cloudflare is now only caching half our bandwidth, instead of the 90% it was doing before.

The new server has a 1gbit connection. I believe the old one was a bit faster but I don’t know for sure.

Here’s the cache performance summary for the last 24h (apparently new users can’t include more than 1 image and 2 links sorry).

Requests are also slightly less cached than before:

The domain is hdrihaven[dot]com, and the majority of the bandwidth is downloads of .hdr files (a high-dynamic range image format). The page rule for these files is:*.hdr
Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 2419200 seconds

I have another domain (texturehaven[dot]com) which I also moved to a new server around the same time, which has also seen reduced caching since the move, though it had a lower cache ratio to begin with: i.imgur[dot]com/tqd7Nqp.png

This second site serves primarily large ZIP files.

The server move was from a single dedicated server from dreamhost (hosting both domains) to two separate dedicated servers from oneprovider.

I don’t really understand how a server move could have affected this :frowning: Moving to separate servers was supposed to improve performance, not destroy it.

Edit: forgot to mention both sites are Pro accounts.

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