Cached 302 redirect

Sometimes when accessing we get redirected (status 302) to
Apparently this redirect comes from you, here is an extract of HTTP headers that you return:

Here is a HAR log file (see the third event):

But we do not do redirect for this website on our side.
Can you help me with this issue ?

What makes you think so? Why should Cloudflare redirect a .com domain to a random domain?

Do you have page rules in place on Cloudflare?

Considering the response with the redirect contains a PHP header, we can probably rule out page rules. That redirect most likely comes straight from your server I am afraid.

Hello, thank you for your reply Sandro.
We don’t have any “Page rules” for this website.
We use to redirect UK located visitors to our .com website but we removed these Apache redirects.
Now some users are redirected occasionally and when I disable the HTTP proxy (CDN) there are no more redirects that’s why I think these redirects are cached in Cloudflare, any idea how to prevent caching them ?

Considering there were no redirects when I tested it, it really is difficult to impossible to suggest anything.

However, as mentioned two weeks ago, the redirect does not seem to be Cloudflare related but seems to come straight from your server.

Shame on me, I finally found that a script was doing these redirections, sorry for this.
Could you just confirm me that Cloudflare does NOT cache redirects ?

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