Cache Workers custon cahe key

Case study:
Each client accesses the same content but in different url which means that they do not share the cloudflare cache in files with video content (.ts)

Problem resolution:
Create code for cloudflare workes that does the following:
read and write cached cloudflare in a way that with cache in different URL’s share all the content * .ts

Resolution diagram:

customer 01

                       ----------> int_int.ts(CLOUDFLARE CACHE)

customer 02 /

If someone in the community can help me, I will be very grateful.

While it’s possible to read the cache or even KV from the inside of a worker, it would not be performant. A different url means a different resource.

In your case I advise to rewrite the url in front (*/random_path/int_int.ts => /int_int.ts), then from front simply request the common file (/int_int.ts). This way you’re sure to hit the same file.