Cache wont release

I’m having real problems getting cache to release, this seems to have been happening for about the last 4-5 days. I purge the individual file a number of times but it juts wont break cache and re-cache. Are there some problems or something?

How are you testing that the file is failing to purge? If you look at the request in your browsers Dev Tools does the request include an “Origin” header?

  1. age:


  1. alt-svc:

h3-27=":443"; ma=86400

  1. cache-control:


  1. cf-bgj:


  1. cf-cache-status:


  1. cf-polished:


  1. cf-ray:


  1. cf-request-id:


How about the request headers?

For example, if I request a file as below, once without an Origin header (to prime the cache), and then with some random Origin header, I get a miss. There are now two almost identical objects in the cache. The first one can be purged from the UI with a single file purge. The second can only be purged via the API (or purge everything).

% curl --dump-header -  2>&1 | grep cf-cache
cf-cache-status: HIT
% curl --dump-header - -H "Origin: imadesomethingup" 2>&1 | grep cf-cache
cf-cache-status: MISS

I’m not sure if polish with webp enabled conversion can be purged with a single file purge. Anybody else know?

nothing i do seems to release the cache, I just did a full purge and its still the old file

i can test as i have a cloudfront distribution as the back end to cloudflare with cdn1.domain , cdn.domain, cdn2.domain pointing to cloudfront, but only cdn.domain being cache by clouflare:

so cdn.domain, cache released at cloudfront as can see in cdn1.domain image below, but wont release at cloudflare ( which is the file domain i want purge)

cdn1.domain, can see its released cache at cloudfront this domain NOT cached by cloudflare

I’m in the Uk, Bristol, but no clue if this is a local issue or world wide. but there something def wrong somewhere with cloudflare

well one file released buy another one didn’t when purged at the same time with url purge, there has to be something wrong here CF end

This is likely either a custom cache key issue (as Michael hinted at) or your hostname is managed by another Cloudflare provider where your attempt to purge doesn’t impact their system.

Since you did a full purge it seems much more likely your hostname is managed by another provider.

thats exactly what i put above, its cloudfront and its purged from cloudfront, as I can see on the cdn1 domain , which is exactly the same file

file direct on cloudfront:

file on cloudflare even after full purge and several url purges:

DNS is with cloudflare

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