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Dear Support

I have created a CloudFlare account and with the help of my Hosting provider I could successfully move the DNS to the ones provided by CloudFlare. My account was active in Cloudflare but I started to experience problems with a most sensible woocommerce page.
However, I find a NOTICE THAT I cannot understand or resolve.

A few more steps are required to complete your setup.Hide

Some of your DNS only records are exposing IPs that are proxied through Cloudflare. Make sure to proxy all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records to avoid exposing your origin IP.

I don´t know if this is the origin of my problem:

My site, “” this site would invariably derive visitors to Home with a Redirect Call.
This is a huge problem because this site is where My Products are listed, so visitors should be able to access this site.
Even worse: I installed LiteSpeed so I must have made a huge mess in the configuration and I cannot find the way to fix the issue.

I asked for help both within CloudFlare (investigating documentation and blog) and also in my hosting provider, who, unfortunately, was able to replicate the experience at his end. Hosting support said that this issue was most probably due to missconfiguration in CloudFlare or in LIteSpeed

I disabled LiteSpeed and the issue persists

I got pretty messed up in CloudFlare too difficult for me to understand and also to find a Solution so I finally decided to have my web back to the original Netfirms Servers. And I did so again with the help of my Hosting Provider

Now a new problem here as according to both: My CPanel and Whois the website is pointing as expected to Netfirms Servers.

BUT, from my CloudFlare account I can see that is still active in CloudFlare showing CloudFlares DNS

This is pretty confusing as I don´t know where my site finally is located, and if i can work on it.

I don´t know if I am expected to make further movements as :

Pause Cloudflare on Site

Remove Site from Cloudflare

PLEASE NOTICE: I value CloudFlare very much, So, In case there is a solution for this redirection issue, I would so much appreciate your help as I would love to benefit from CloudFlare features

Thank you and Regards


Your domain is not pointing to Cloudflare’s nameservers any longer, so it’s not using Cloudflare any more. Cloudflare might not have noticed that yet, which is why it is still shown as active, but I’d assume it shortly will, at which point it will notify you that it will be removed.

Right now your domain points straight to your host and only those settings will apply. Whatever you configure on Cloudfare will have no effect unless you point your domain again to Cloudflare.

You can simply click “Remove Site from Cloudflare”, if you don’t plan to use Cloudflare any more.

Should you want to use Cloudflare, then you’ll have to move the nameservers back.

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Hello Sandro and thank you so much for your reply!

I would love to be able to use CloudFlare and would have no problem in moving the DNS back to CloudFlare if only I could solve this redirection problem.

Do you have any suggestions on this matter??

I would be so grateful if you give me a piece of advice

Thank you again!


I am afraid it’s not really clear from your message what the problem is. Generally speaking, you’d first need to move the domain back to Cloudflare, but if you can explain what the issue is, we could possibly check it without that as well, but you need to explain in detail what the issue is.

Hello and sorry for the confusion

The problem is that there is a page that is continously redirecting to HomePage when it shouldn´t given the fact that it is my Woocommerce Product Page.
I actually don´t know what can cause it and could not figure out how to solve it. That is the reason why I decided to quit CloudFlare as my hosting provider said most probably the problem is due to missconfiguration in CloudFlare

I don´t know exactly what information you would need to help me.
I am transcribing a piece of my first post below.

I am afraid that’s still what you wrote earlier. Can you provide a step by step description of what is not working when it is on Cloudflare?

Ok, within DNS tab I get that Alert saying " A few more steps are required to complete your setup.Hide

Some of your DNS only records are exposing IPs that are proxied through Cloudflare. Make sure to proxy all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records to avoid exposing your origin IP."

This is something I don´t know how to solve. Or if I should do anything at all about it or discard it .

I don´t know if I should use LiteSpeed together with CloudFlare (I installed it because I need image optimization and I read that they could get along well together) But when using LiteSpeed and temporarily paused that CloudFlare feature (I don´t remember the exact name) but the one that you manually set to ON and will be automatically set to OFF after 3 hour. When I disable this feature, and thus, disable CloudFlare, the web loaded faster.

Unfortunately I cannot say more, as I don´t remember what I did in the middle of the confusion, but I would be very gratefull if you provided feedback as to how to configure CloudFlare for a website running Woocommerce AND a membership plugin

I am very concerned regarding taking care of pages that should remain of excluive access to members. I fear that with a wrong configuration on my part restricted content will end up being seen by everybody in the INternet World.

Tabs like: Rules, Workers , Access, Network, etc. I did not know how to configure any of those. I have no idea as to how to write Rules that I think should be necessary

Please Notice: I will have no problems in starting afresh. if I can get the proper configurations. I would actually prefer starting from Scratch rather than trying to fix anything.

Thank you!


That’s not much of an issue. You can only proxy web-related records and nothing which is for mail for example. But I’d like to ask you to use the search for that, as that has been covered a gazillion times.

But apart from that you did not mention any issues. What is it that was not working when your domain was on Cloudflare?

Right now your site loads rather slowly, but that’s not Cloudflare related but your server simply takes that long and is particularly now noticeable as your domain is not on Cloudflare.

From what I can tell your domain should be just fine on Cloudflare and if you fix the performance issue on your server, even that should work.

If there is something which did not work on Cloudflare, please point that out.

Plus, your domain does load fine via Cloudflare as well. Still slowly for aforementioned reason, but it loads on Cloudflare just as it loads from your server. So IMHO you can switch back to Cloudflare.


Hello again

Sorry as I cannot be more specific. If as you say, my domain is loading fine in CloudFlare then I will try and send it back to ClooudFlare.

At the moment I am trying to resolve this redirection issue with Netfirms. But please , if you allow me to ask you if once in CloudFlare, I will need to install a WP cache plugin.

Thank you so much Sandro!!

Wordpress plugins are absolutely unrelated to Cloudflare. You can use them, but don’t have to. Cloudflare really just works as transparent layer and does not really “care” much what your server does or sends. It simply tunnels content from your server to the user.

What I’d do at this point is work out with the developer or the host why the site is responding in such a slow fashion (Cloudflare can’t fix that either) and once that is working you could simply enable Cloudflare again.

Still, keep in mind Cloudflare will soon remove your domain as you are not using its nameservers. If you want to use Cloudflare you best point your domain again to Cloudflare and possibly keep Cloudflare paused (Overview screen, lower right) until the issues are fixed and then unpause.

But as far as general loading is concerned, your site seems to work on Cloudflare.

Hello Sandro and thank you again for your help

Regarding the redirection issue, I could finally fix it modifying members access controls settings.

According to my hosting provider, my website loads slowly due to my images that need to be optimized. They are apparently too heavy, so I will be using a WP optimizer plugiin.

I will come back to CloudFlare but please, I need your help for clarifying these two points:

  1. My website sells restricted content and uses Woocommerce to sell this. So my main concern is that I fear to make a mess in configurations and end up having restricted content getting visible to public. How can I prevent this from happening?
    How should I safely configure this ??

  2. Can I point my domain back to CloudFlare now and as you indicated, “pause” it while I optimize images? Or should I first optimize everything and then come back to CloudFlare?

Please advice

Thank you a lot!


I am afraid that is beyond the scope of the forum here and better discussed in a Wordpress related forum.

Having it paused on Cloudflare would not be an issue. Cloudflare would only provide DNS in that case and requests would still go straight your server. Generally you could probably even proxy it now, but it probably is easier to sort out server issues if the proxy is not in-between, so point the domain back to Cloudflare, make sure you pause it, fix the server issues, and once everything works you can unpause it.

Undertood. Thank you so much!! I have already followed your indications.


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