Cache the URL without parameters

My website has a page with URL parameters. The page has the same HTML/JS but different URL parameters.
Is the page saved once on the edge server or does it have a copy for each parameter value on the edge server?
If it has a copy for each parameter value, how do I set it to have one copy only for all the parameters (less cache miss)?

The default caches everytime that query string changes.

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Thanks, so setting Caching level = Ignore Query String
will reduce cache miss?

If your query strings are never affecting the output of the site, then yeah use Ignore Query String.

The query string is not affecting the HTML page, but is affecting the output…

If you’re making changes based on the query string with client-side JS or something like that then it would be fine.

Ignore Query String just means that regardless of query strings, the same object will be cached.



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