Cache tag purging for Drupal

Drupal has built-in support for cache tags and a plugin exists to purge Cloudflare by cache tag.

Since this is a widely availble, easy to use feature, is there any possability of purging by cache tag not being an Enterprise-only feature?

Please create a Featre Request for that. But to be honest most probably this will not be changed.

Drupal aims to use Varnish, which I in some terms prefer over Nginx (which CloudFlare is based on). Maybe you even wanna look out for a CDN which is based on Varnish?

Drupal should work with any reverse-proxy/CDN that supports Cache Tags.

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Yes and it does also work good. But CloudFlare does not support Cachewipes based on Cache Tags unless you are in Enterprise user.

Wordpress Users also need this btw. Not just Drupal Users.
But that does not change the fact they most probably will not implement this for others then Enterprise Users.

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