Cache Status "Revalidated"

Hello there,

Cloudflare HITs the Cache like it should, but whenever you ctrl+f5 refresh the page for like the third time in a short time frame, it is revalidated and pulled from the origin server.

Why is that happening?

Thanks in advance.

:wave: @chris1542,

That occurs when the object in cache is stale and a request then needs to be made to the origin to determine if the object has changed. If the time frame for that is too short, your origin cache control max-age or whatever header you’re using to specify the time that object should be cached should be adjusted.



My browser cache expiration is set to 2 days. The rest of the settings are default. Is it normal that the cache in the Cloudflare datacentre doesn’t even last 2 minutes?

Apparently ctrl f5 forces Cloudflare to revalidate the cache which makes sense.

Thanks for the help.

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