Cache static content

Hi. Cloudflare has improved our time to first byte and overall loading time, which I’m very happy about.

However, before Cloudflare was activated on our site, I ran a webpagetest:
where we received a C for Cache Static Content.

After Cloudflare, we received an F for Cache Static Content:

How do I improve the caching of static of content?

We’re using WordPress with LiteSpeed Cache.


This seems to be because of the embedded resources. Cloudflare wont influence external content. If these links are issues you might want to remove them or host locally.

Scroll down to

These are warnings regarding the caching instructions for the browser. That is not exactly something Cloudflare influences. You will need to change your server configuration for that and set the right headers.

What you could do on Cloudflare is set up a page rule where you override these headers and set them on Cloudflare’s side. The search will have more details on how to configure the page rule.

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