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Hi @ Cloudflare Community,

I’m a Cloudflare newby, running a hobby-website, about the local weather and using the free plan.

In the ‘Grafieken’ menu, I’m presenting near real-time graphics (#.gif). I have set Caching to ‘Ignore query string’, the Browser Cache Expiration to ‘Respect existing headers’ and made a page rule with parameters xxx/b/* and the setting Cache level = Bypass. But still I’m not able to refresh the needed graphics, running behind now for ~2hrs :frowning_face:. Any ideas or tips to solve this?

Regards, Keimpe.


Can you provide a specific URL of an image with this problem? I went to the Grafieken menu and chose the 6h graph and see that the image is cached (cf-cache-status: HIT), but it’s not in a /b/ path:

The Page Rule should override whatever the general Caching settings are. Can you post a screenshot of that Page Rule?


Thanks @sdayman, in this link you will find the combined screenshots of the cache-settings, as well as the page rule.

Regards, Keimpe


It looks like you want to bypass cache for anything with a “b” in the path. The .gif image I posted above does not have a “b” anywhere in the path.

What is the URL of something that you want to bypass?


This one:


That’s the one I posted. The .gif URL doesn’t have a “b” in the path.


So I have to change to / to bypass everything?


Hmmm, I tried to type https://


Change that Page Rule to match*.gif

Since you probably only use GIF files for realtime updates, that would be a safe Page Rule.


OK, thanks, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:


YES!! it’s working, thank you so much for learn me!

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