Cache settings in my backend and Cloudflare

This is my Prestashop settings:

Smart cache for CSS YES
Smart cache for JavaScript YES
Minify HTML NO
Compress inline JavaScript in HTML YES
Move JavaScript to the end YES
Apache optimization YES

Cloudflare has some settings as well similar to the BO in Prestashop:

Auto Minify: JS, CSS, HTML


Rocket Loader™
Improve the paint time for pages that include JavaScript.

Now these are already on in my settings in Prestashop and don’t break anything, expect of Auto Minify HTML, which should be off on a shared hosting for better performance.

Now I don’t understand should I enable them on Cloudflare as well? If I do what will happen? I mean isn’t Cloudflare already pulling a cached instance of my site, so Cloudflare is already grabbing my site with this settings on. If it does it again won’t that break something, or it doesn’t work like I have painted it out?

Or if I enable Cloudflare to do it, maybe it’s not going to use my servers CPU cycles to do the minification process?

Cloudflare acts as layer between your server and the visitor. That means that if you use some of Cloudflares features such as minification and rocket loader, it wont have any impact on your origin server.

The same goes for caching. One of Cloudflares biggest benefit is that it by default will serve static assets (css/img/js) directly from Cloudflares own cache. Meaning that if the client (your visitor) request those files, your origin server doesn’t even need to be bothered responding to those requests.

I already have this features minification and rocket loader in my backend, and they are on for js and css. As well to place js in the end.

Do I need to enable these in Cloudflare as well?

Prestashop already have these settings in the backend and I have enabled them, since Cloudflare caches my site, why would I need to enable the same or similar Cloudflare options?

Smart cache for CSS
Minify HTML
Smart cache for JavaScript
Move JavaScript to the end
Compress inline JavaScript in HTML

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