Cache settings for social login

Hey! I am using the “Nextend social login” plugin, its doesn’t redirect/login the users when the Cloudflare’s cache rules and settings are enabled.
What to do kindly help.
My site is suffering!

May I ask what kind of cache rules, or cache options, have you got enabled at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?

Could you write them here in a reply, or could you post a screenshot of them?

Do you also have some custom Page Rules configured?

It sounds to me like you have Cache Everything option selected, or something similar, but, regarding the redirect page (I assume that’s the one?) after the login process for Nextend social login (I guess WordPress one?), it could be also on the origin host / server or the plugin has some issues as well.

Nevertheless, not to mention possible HTTPS issues here.


Hey thanks for your kind response :slight_smile:
Right now I am using the following Page Rules:

  1.* (Cache Level: Bypass)
  2.* (Browser Cache TTL: a day, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 7 days)

Yes I am using WordPress and by “redirect” I mean the plugin (nextend) doesn’t redirect the user to the content instead it reloads the registration page. However it collects the user data and create an account for the user at backend.

Rule #2 (Cache Everything) causes many problems on a dynamic site, such as WordPress. This is what’s causing the problem. I suggest you turn that rule off and use something such as APO ($5/month if you’re on a free plan, otherwise it’s included in paid plans).


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