Cache settings for Prestashop 1.6 needed

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Can anyone help with cache settings for Prestashop 1.6? Recently went ahead with Cache Everything and surprisingly got pretty good performance results. According to Page Speed, the desktop version is 96-99. It looks like the best result I am actually getting from the Edge Cache TTL - ON. However, Cache Everything comes with some issues (what a surprise! :)) with dynamic content including especially login and paypal transactions even despite setting page rules to exclude such areas from the cache with bypass.

There are plenty of settings for worldpress, but there are non for Prestashop. Can anyone suggest the correct page rules to exclude dynamics? I got Pro version, so have about 20 rules to use.

with login i use* Cache Level: bypass However still have issues: cannot log out, also when logged in and try to choose different folders (order history) in account kick me off to log in again… i have a feeling logged in session should be excluded from cache somehow

with paypal i use www.domainname/module/paypal/* Cache Level: bypass, It looks like the transaction going through on paypal site in additional window, however, when return to my site shows error (no discription or the cart is empty) so as the result the transaction is not finalised. this is the final url with error: /modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php?token=EC-65M30964H4577340Y&PayerID=YZ4Q3K4LPZXKW shoud it be excluded from cache in a different way?

I appreciate if someone can share the correct prestashop urls and files with vital dynamic content to exclude from the chaching.


From what you describe, your rules should be working AFAIK. Only one page rule is triggered for any given page, so ordering is essential. Is your “cache everything” rule the last in the group? Otherwise it may be triggering even when there are counter orders in the list.

Yes, of course the cache everything is the last. I follow the manual for cache everything and page rules, but need better understanding exclusion of prestashop dynamic content. For example, how to exclude pages from cache for logged in users etc.

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