Cache Settings for Cloudflare to Middleware API

We use Cloudflare as a WAF to middleware API’s that Mobile Phone App calls. This is just information getting exchanged via PULL/POST, etc… Not images, video, or anything visual in regards to a GUI. I have been noticing Cloudflare show an option for Cache Status under Analytics & Logs (Traffic) and also under “Caching”. I suspect Cache is not necessary. I purged this Cache and turned Developer Mode on in our Cloudflare Dev environment… But as for Prod; Can anyone imagine what sort of things are Cached in Cloudflare? I am tempted to enable Developer Mode for our Prod environment as well since I cannot image why Cache would be needed for API calls that should be fresh calls to a live API… Cloudflare does not allow us to review what they are Caching.

I was unable to determine what was being Cached. But I figured out that Developer Mode is only for 3 hours, then turns it self off Automatically. A Cloudflare document I found explains how to configure ‘Page Rules’ to set Cache to Bypass for specific site paths. There is also options to configure “Cache Rules”. I set up a Page Rule for our site [ example site(.)com/* ] and for Cache Level the setting is “Bypass”. Hoping to see Cloudflare stop caching data for our API.

So far, things are still Caching after setting up the page rule. Going to create a ticket for CF since our domains are just Middleware API’s that serve text based requests. Nothing should Cache or serve from Cache.