Cache server IP - AVADA

I’ve seen this question asked twice on here, but it doesn’t look as though it was answered. I use Avada and on the Performance settings it says:

“Cache Server IP For unique cases where you are using cloud flare and a cache server, ex: varnish cache. Enter your cache server IP to clear the theme options dynamic CSS cache. Consult with your server admin for help.”

Can you assist me as to where to find this ‘Cache Server IP’ address so I can enter it to into my theme?

Hi @gina2,

This thread, which I guess is one of the ones you read, seems to answer your question:

As @MarkMeyer asked there, are you using a cache server? If so, use that IP, if not then you don’t need to.

Hi Domjh, I use Cloudflare and WPEngine - but not sure what the answer is?!!

In which case, I don’t think you need to specify anything there :slight_smile:

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OK great! thank you for confirming :slight_smile:

have a great weekend


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