Cache Rules Examples

Hi there,

Please let me know the best and most important cache rules that we can use on WordPress websites. Please share your exprince and cache rules examples.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hello there,

May I suggest you to check this?

Are you using APO? If I may suggest, you may :search: in the forum for the answers according to your setup.

Thanks for your reply Neiljay,
I don’t use APO.
I would like to know what cache rules people use on their websites.
I’ve already applied for some cache rules on my websites but I know we can do more and still, there are more useful cache rules.

I think that’s quite subjective and vary in different perspectives. The best practices are already pointed out in the article (above thread) that apply for different scenarios.

That’s affirmative.

Yes, you can. For that again, you may read the doc.