Cache Revalidated, why?


I understand that the cache gets revalidated if the object is stale. I was going through the analytics and found that many items are getting revalidated. So, I randomly started opening a few static resources in the browser and upon inspecting I found an item that got revalidated.


  1. age:7190
  2. cache-control:max-age=432000
  3. cf-cache-status:HIT
  4. cf-ray:6b0aac0298022e22-BOM
  5. content-encoding:br
  6. content-type:image/
  7. date:Fri, 19 Nov 2021 16:04:01 GMT

Second ACCESS:

  1. cache-control:max-age=432000
  2. cf-cache-status:REVALIDATED
  3. cf-ray:6b0aae2a9ea52e22-BOM
  4. content-encoding:br
  5. content-type:image/
  6. date:Fri, 19 Nov 2021 16:05:29 GMT

Any idea why this might be occuring? Thanks

Copying from previous threads:

That occurs when the object in cache is stale and a request then needs to be made to the origin to determine if the object has changed. If the time frame for that is too short, your origin cache control max-age or whatever header you’re using to specify the time that object should be cached should be adjusted.

Docs on cache behavior:

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