Cache Reserve: where ar my Content-Length response headers?

My target: cache all html - included the html for logged in users (don’t believe what you read on the internet; it is perfectly possible with CF). Apo should do the trick, but it works only for not logged-in visitors, so useless for me. Cache Reserve should handle it too, and the documentation does not say anything about cookies, but it will work only for assets with a content-length response header. And here is the problem, I can not find these headers, except for images (are cached by another cdn anyway). I checked other sites which are not on CF (like google) and they all have content-length headers in their html, js, css,… All CF sites I checked are missing these headers. So did cloudflare develop a product you can not use with cloudflare, or am I missing something? My site is on an openlitespeed server and uses wordpress. Curious as I am, I started testing cache reserve a few days ago, and I currently have 20000+ writes - and I honestly have no idea what is written as most of my assets miss that damned header :wink: