Cache Reserve vs Wordpress Cache plugins

Hey there,

I got an email stating that Cloudflare would offer the Cache Reserve option and Agro.

After enabling this option, do I still need Cache Plugin “Cache Enabler” on my WordPress website?



Both are different technologies. Cache Enabler stores cache locally (in your server), while Cache Reserve allows you to reserve cache in Cloudflare CDN for a longer time.

They might be different technologies but it feels like they are doing the same job. If that is the case, I would like to disable and delete the cache enabler on my website.

So the real question behind this question is if I need the both technologies or not?

Cache Reserve is particularly useful if you have resources that are not frequently accessed (such as videos, documents, PDF files, depends on your traffic) as it allows Cloudflare to store your resources for a longer time which will not be evicted earlier than expected (if you choose to cache for 30 days, Cache Reserve ensures that your file stays in the CDN for 30 days instead of removing the cache based on LRU algorithm). If your webpage content is frequently accessed by your visitors then I don’t see the point for you to purchase Cache Reserve, as the normal CDN feature is already sufficient for your use case.

However, Cache Enabler is a WordPress-level plugin that caches the content within your web server, which helps reduce server load and processing power used to regenerate HTML content from your WordPress site. In that case, Cache Enabler is useful.

Since you mentioned WordPress, if you would like to cache static HTML pages in Cloudflare CDN (not only within the web server) then you should also consider WordPress APO feature in Cloudflare, which helps you speed up your web page loading speed.