Cache Reserve vs APO vs Cloudways - Cloudflare

Hi everyone, we run a wordpress website, and after making several changes we have managed to optimize the speed and performance of the site, but some lag and server issues still remain.

Our objective is to be able to serve pages across the globe in different locations without any lag in performance.

  1. Should we make use of Cloudflare’s Cache Reserve plan
  2. Or is it better to use APO instead? (Only challenge is potential conflict with WPRocket)
  3. Or is Cloudflare - Cloudways a good solution?

I use cache reserve and apo, works well cache now is always at 99%.

If you make money off your site, depending how how large the site is it can a real benefit. But all sites are different, but the cost is reasonable i think.

I am a little worried about APO having read some negative reviews on Wordpress about the plugin.

And do you mean both cache reserve and APO should ideally be used? Either one higher priority than the other?

hmmm its mainly around purging, though the issues seem to be ok.

i personally use both, though others find cache reserve not worth it depends on the site really and how much posting, global client traffic and other factors etc.

thanks, this is helpful.

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