Cache Reserve Usage Not Increasing, Started Happening When I Changed the Payment Information

Back in February I changed my credit card and forgot to update it in the Cloudflare Dashboard. I didn’t notice Cloudflare’s email notifications and on Feb 22 the products I was using were disabled.

I then set up my new credit card, then re-enabled the products (including Cache Reserve). Before the products were disabled Cache Reserve seemed to be working as it should, and it would show me the usage in the dashboard (under Caching > Cache Reserve), but since I updated my payment info and re-enabled it it’s been stuck at zero usage, even if I get monthly invoices stating that Cache Reserve has actually been used.

I tried googling around and searching on this forum, but couldn’t find anyone that reported such an issue before.

This is how the Cache Reserve page looks for me since Feb 22:
Current data stored: 0 B
Aggregate storage usage: 0 B-days
Read operations: 0
Write operations: 0

What is the domain?

@cloonan the domain is:

Thank you, can you try to clear your browser cache and cookies, then log back into your Cloudflare Dashboard to see if the issue persists? You should also try accessing your Cloudflare Dashboard using a different browser or an incognito/private browsing mode to eliminate any caching issues on your browser’s end. Let us know if this helps. Sorry for the issue you’re facing.

@cloonan The issue persists in incognito mode also.

Something else that I noticed, although I could be wrong about this, but before the issue started the Cache Reserve usage would also be subtracted from the actual usage (shown on the Overview page for the domain), which makes sense because CDN egress should not be metered when using Cache Reserve. (as far as I understand it)

But since the issue started it no longer seems to do that either, all caching data and usage seems to be visible on the Overview page, while the Cache Reserve page always shows no usage. (although, as stated before, I do receive monthly invoices for Cache Reserve usage)

It’s been 11 days since your last reply, any other ideas or is anyone looking into this issue? I am still not seeing any traffic recorded for Cache Reserve.

@cloonan following up on our previous discussion, i still have no details of cache reserve usage in the Cloudflare dashboard, although it is clearly being used

any help would be appreciated