Cache reserve shows a warning about tiered cache but it's already enabled

Hi, I’ve just enabled the new cache reserve feature. It shows a warning message that I should go enable Tiered Cache aswell.

However, Tiered Cache is already enabled.

Is the warning just a bug and should be disregarded? Or is something else wrong with the config?

Hmm. Switching to the Tiered Cache tab and then back to Cache Reserve makes the warning disappear. Guess it is a bug.

This same thing happened to me as well. I think its a bug. No idea where to report it though.

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Thanks for reporting this, I have escalated it for support.

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Thanks for reporting. Is it possible for you to create a ticket and give us a ticket numnber for reference so that we can investigate this further?

It seems to not happen anymore, but I’m not sure why.

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Got it. May be it was a glitch that happened for sometime and is now resolved. If it comes back again please reach out so that we can check this further

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