Cache reserve showing very high usage?


I just had cache reserve added back. To be honest this is not something I have much knowledge about. But it does seem to be working well.

However, I am slighty alarmed by the high usage I am seeing as this is a usage based product.

According to SEO metrics tools provider ahrefs. I am running a 10K per month traffic website and I am seeing the follwing in cache reserve after less than 48 hours of having it added

Can I please ask. Which is these statistics am I going to be billed for?

Is it the 1.66Gb @ 15 cents per Gb ?

Or is it the Aggregate storage usage:
6.54 GB-days Which would be according the usage chart (from what I underdstand)

6Gb @ 15 Cents Per Gb ?

You get charged for what’s stored, plus Reads and Writes.

That looks like about three cents for storage, and about $5 for the reads and writes.

You are out by an order of magnitude. The price is 1.5 cents per GB per month.

The rate you are charged for storage is per complete month, or GB-months. GB-days is 1/30 the GB-month rate. (If you deleted everything now you would be charged 6.54 x 0.015 x 1/30, rather than 1.66 x 0.015.)

Read and write operations are rounded up to the nearest million, essentially making the minimum monthly price about $5 as @sdayman used in his calculation. You can do about 100 times more read and writes for this $5.


Install a cache plugin.
Enable Tiered Cache on CF dashboard.
Don’t purge all daily.

Won’t help with Cache Reserve, as that’s server-side caching.

This has to be enabled in order to use Cache Reserve.

That’s always good advice, but contributes almost nothing to the cost of Cache Reserve, as a million reads and a million writes cost about $5 total.

I’m also have the same problem I just use to cache a few JavaScript files but they charge me 5$ every month it not worth at all to use your 5$ just for life time cache a few JavaScript files.

After I search I found the other cheap service for life time cache for a few JavaScript files.

You can use bunny CDN Perma cache + Cloudflare cache.
bunny CDN storage charge only 0.01 per GB very cheap compared to Cloudflare R2.

So you can use your 5$ in bunny CDN Perma cache + Cloudflare cache for a few years.


I can’t see how using 2 CDNS is a good idea.I have enough caching issues as it is. I have actually tried that methiod in the past, Bunny CDN is not a fast as Cloudflare from what I have seen and it would be no good for my APO from what I understand logically.

I am trying my best to understand the information provided above. Given the screenshot I provided with the usage stats for just 24 to 40 hours.

What would be my round abouts monthly cost to run this. I like the feature and I would like to keep it. I was hoping a bunny version of perma cache would become avaliabe on Cloudflare and now its here. I am glad.

Any idea of what my monthy cost would be given the stats I provided?

Thank you

In all honestly, if you got a 20-page website with small requirements for caching and a non-heavy international audience, cache reserve will do little when you can use apo, Argo tiered, or full cache everything along with a server-side on your host such as nginx FastCGI.

cache reserve is for people with massive websites since you can only store so much on the edge, especially non-enterprise customers, so when it drops out of the edge cache, the cache reserve fills it in quicker instead of going to your origin, it will use the bucket. This is only good for international traffic as well; local traffic may not even be worth it again since its similar data centers, but international and ranking for good user experience cache reserve is amazing from what I have seen.

I use it, and close to 2 million reads, and 1 million writes about 120GB which is like 15 or maybe 20 USD, that is nothing for me given how much revenue my site makes, but I would not if I had a small website. I could be wrong overall about how good the cache reserve is and is meant for, but that is how I look at cache reserve and its benefit.

We are facing a similar issue, but regarding the data stored size.
Our site does not have any heavy files, but our cache reserve size quickly grew to over 10 GB of stored data.

Is it possible to review what files are actually clogging it up?

Hey werecruitprofis – Happy to take a look at this for you would you mind providing me with some information so I can look into it for you?

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