Cache Reserve Not Storing Cached files for 30 days

I’m using cache reserve with tiered cache activated. Should be perfect for my site with low traffic

Pages rules specify Cache Everything & Edge Cache TTL is 2419200 seconds.

I’m testing on GT Metrix:

After getting cf-cache-status=HIT on the expected assets, I’m testing the same page a few hours later and getting a cf-cache-status=EXPIRED. I was expecting to get a cache status of HIT for the next 30 days.

Am I missing something obvious ?

As far I’m aware from testing it in the past, Cache Reserve will show a cache status of EXPIRED when the main/tiered cache has expired, even if there is a hit in the reserve cache. I can understand how this would be confusing. If you want to double check its working, check any kind of log on your origin server if you have one and check whether these requests are hitting your origin or not. You can also wait long enough for the Cache Reserve stats to populate on its page and then it will tell you.

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