Cache Reserve keeps growing, even after purging


We enabled cache reserve last week, and the size of the cache reserve keeps growing, even after our daily purge of all files.

Our website has data that we update once a day (pricing/availability of product changes). Because we are on a pro plan and cant use tags to do a purge-by-tag operation, we do a ‘purge all’ command via API when our pricing script has finished the update. This purges everything on cloudflare.

After running cache reserve for 1 week, our website continues to run properly (content caching is getting purged), but this is what we see in our cache reserve page:

I’d expect that the stored data would go down to near-zero every time we do our daily cache purge, but this is not happening.

Can anyone tell me what is going on?


Purge everything does not remove assets from Cache Reserve, they are only removed when their Edge TTL expires.


Cache Reserve has a different clear function than the CDN cache. See Cache Reserve · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs

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Thanks Laudian, makes sense but seems like a silly way to handle it. It’s storing content that’ll never get served by the edge nodes.

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