Cache reserve beta access


I received an email informing me that I have been given access to cache reserve. This is was something I applied for many months back. However, This does not to be actionable within my account. I do not see it in the published/notified location under caching


I recently received an email to advise I have been given beta access to cache reserve.

I found that that I was applied to my primary (first domain) on cloudlfare.

It was applied to domainregistrationdns .com .au
I was hoping it could get applied to techbusinessnews .com .au please

It’s applied to the domain from which you requested it. If you want it in a different domain, you’ll have to request it there also.

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I am not sure how this happened.

I requested it for techbusinessnews . com .au mamy months ago. It’s not even showing on that domain to request it anymore either

Okay well I have just checked. It looks like someine has activated it there for me now.

Thanks very much

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I was given access to this on my domain and it was working. But now. Someone seems to have taken it away.

Can I ask why it has now been taken off my domain? I was writing a review artcile about this. And now its gone.

Domain techbusinessnews .com . au

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