Cache question

Is there any time delay in the caching when turning on Development Mode?

When you enable it, there is no caching in the first place.

If I enable Development Mode, I’m taking CloudFlare out of the loop. So when I enable Development Mode it starts immediately? There no time delay between turning off and actually visiting the website directly. Is that what you saying?

It starts immediately, or worst case it might have few seconds of delay in applying the changes.

You are not taking Cloudflare out of the loop, only the cache. When you enable it, there’ll be a few seconds delay until it reaches all datacenters, but that’s it.

Ok erictung and sandro. Thank you. I needed to be specific because I am seeing cached pages for way over an hour, some working better now, but still not everything is working properly. Still don’t know if it’s my hosting or my developer.

These might be cached by your host. Once you enable development mode Cloudflare will stop serving from the cache more or less instantly.

What’s the URL in question?

You can easily verify that with the respective caching status set by Cloudflare.

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