Cache Purge API's in production

We have a rest api service where we want to have high TTL’s for some rest endpoints. But unfortunately, we can’t predict the exact optimal TTL.

So for this reason we are evaluating Cloud Flares cache purge API’s.
As soon as a POST/PUT/DELETE happens, we would like to purge the cache based on tags.

Can this feature be used in production? Any already making use of dynamic cache purge at large scale?


It most certainly can be used in Production.

What’s your specific concern? If it actually works? Or how long it takes?

This is all assuming you’re on an Enterprise plan. Are you?

Thanks for the answers.
I haven’t seen much info about the following regarding caching. So wondering if some of the features are really used in production.

  1. Dynamic caching pricing in FREE plan
  2. Cache Invalidation in FREE plan

Can you please share minimum plan to use Cache purging for my rest api(needs dynamic caching where I can purge url’s based on latest content availability)?

The only Dynamic caching in a Free plan is a Cache Everything/Edge Cache TTL via Page Rules.

Only an Enterprise plan can do targeted cache purging. And that’s a ton of money. All other plans are a Purge Everything, or a purge by specific URL(s).

I think for me purging by url would be enough too.
Is there any limit on TTL’s in Free/Pro plans or it can be any in my rest api cache responses?

TTL can be as low as 2 hours on a free plan/1 hour on pro plan, but you can purge anytime before then.

So, does this mean even i have cache headers (max-age) set to lower than 2hrs will be ignored and capped to 2hours in free plan?

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