Cache problems, url might be having issues, or it may have moved permanently to a new web address

Hi, i have problems for almost 2 months with the 404 urls of my website, they always show this message:

For example:

Instead of throwing the 404 page it shows the error mentioned above but, this only when caching the page, the first time the page is opened it works but reloading it several times automatically generates the error for all 404 pages of the website

My hosting provider says it could be a CF error, i try all the plugins used on the site but can’t find the problem.

Something curious is that the 404 of the site subdomain works perfectly.

For example:

I saw your 404 page on the first visit and continued seeing it when I reloaded the page. Cloudflare does not cache the page. It shows cf-cache-status DYNAMIC.

Hi, whenever we try the same thing happens, for example if I open in incognito mode it will work:

But if I wait a moment and reload the page several times, the error will appear.

I can not replicate that behavior. You should not see such a screen because Cloudflare would respond to a site error with a Cloudflare Error Screen.

Can you verify you’re connecting through Cloudflare? If you click on the lock and view the certificate, it should show Cloudflare.

Hello, that’s another question I have, on my website The cache status shows it as “Dynamic”

But in another one of my sites it shows “HIT” and this one works much faster

cine3 . com

DYNAMIC is the default for HTML, as that is often the case for page content (frequent updates and user logins).

HIT means you’ve created a Cache Everything page rule, which can be risky.

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