Cache problems - unable to turn off for database access

I have a site that is used solely for access to an invoicing database coded in PHP. The script accesses the MySQL database directly. The problem is that I have to manually refresh pages every time I want the data to display in a web page. I’ve tried adding exempting directories where the script and HTML lives, but CF is still caching the pages and not immediately displaying the data. Need a workaround. I’m considering removing this domain altogether from cloud-flare to solve the problem.

To add, you might be able to solve by returning the cache-control header with the value private, no-cache to prevent CF from caching it; however, any page rule might override this with Edge Cache TTL or the Cache Level directives.

You’re not understanding he problem. It’s not the HTML/PHP, it’s the data being accesses BY the HTML.

Please don’t just give me pieces of the puzzle. I do not know where/how to modify “cache-control header”. Need examples or a link for a “how to” page.

Again, you mentioning “Edge Cache TTLor theCache Level` directives” does not help at all. These are internal, proprietary company terms. I am not familiar.


Also, the domain is:


If you’re using pdo or even mysqli to connect with your database, then Cloudflare isn’t involved in the caching whatsoever.

You have not sent me anything useful at all. Speaking in code, using acronyms, is useless.

Any acronyms you use must have a proper reference page link with an explanation.

I have followed the directions on the site to disable the caching in the directories I’m having a problem. It’s not working. I still have to manually refresh to see the data.

Am I getting lazy support? Apparently so.


Ehm, how much are you paying again?

And secondly, you do realise where you are here, do you not?

I believe an apology to @Judge would be in order.

In PHP you either connect to the database via the pdo or mysqli driver (mysqli being outdated). In either case, Cloudflare does not cache or even control the connection between your server and your database, so this issue is not one that Cloudflare is at fault for.

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