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Hi Guys, I’m having a problem with the Cloudflare cache. Whenever I make any changes to my blog posts, the new changes are not getting updated for 4-7 days minimum. I have to clear the cache manually in Cloudflare site inorder to fetch the latest version of my blog posts in all browsers, devices. :frowning:

Another big problem is, that comments are also not getting updated in real-time. 4-7 days minimum time it’s taking if I don’t manually clear the cache in Cloudflare site.
PS: I’m using wpDiscuz comments plugin.

I’m getting irritated with this long-time issue for many months. Please help!

That is very normal, if you use cache not properly. If you use Cloudflares Edge Cache you shall clear the updated cache-parts everytime you update something.

For example:
if you update your site you shall clear the cache for it. If not, Cloudflare will still have the old version cached for as long as configured. And what Cloudflare does have cached, it will deliver.

If you use Wordpress, please think about using APO. If you use any other CMS please tell us which and provide your domain, so we can have a closer look.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I’m using wordpress, my site is [Tricks99. net]. I’m also using the Litespeed cache plugin in my site.

Btw, APO - means?

APO is a Cloudflare product for $5/month which uses basically ALL Cloudflare features for Wordpress and optimizes them to work properly.

Please disable this and make sure it is not working anymore (by checking the headers) and re-test. Other Caching tools do not work well along with reverse proxy caching.At least most of them.

Then APO is the way to go.

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