Cache problem) tos 2.8

today i was receive mail with [Cloudflare]: Message regarding TOS violation for my domain (nsfw)

We have determined that recent traffic from one or more of your web properties may be in violation of Section 2.8 of our Terms of Service ().

In response to this apparent violation, we have temporarily stopped serving some of the traffic at issue. A few of your visitors may experience altered performance until this issue is resolved. If we conclude that such violations remain unresolved, we may take further action including continuing to alter performance or deactivating violating zones from the network.

The affected properties are:
nsfw :((


i check CF admin and see that Percent Cached to low (1%) for 30 days, but for last 24 hours its looks normally ~70% (like on other sites with same themes). CF do somethig for my cach settings? no. i have similar setting for my other domains. i add CF plugin (Dr.FLARE) to my chome and see that images loads from CF (they green, maybe 1% in red zone, but afret page refresh they green too) . what i need to check better? i check some of my another sites and see same cache problem too. my server admin tald to me thats all work as usian and fine, no any bad header answers or other errors.

in breef
as l understand cache not working to my site long time. after today mail from CF they made something and cache starts work normally) how i can solve this issue?

ToS 2.8 has nothing to do with caching. It’s about :orange: Proxied traffic.

That message sounds like they’re throttling (slowing down) some of your requests. Maybe they’ve limited caching for some resources as well.

It sounds like caching is working normally now, so there is no longer an issue.

Or is something not working now?

Cloudflare won’t allow you to proxy video or other extension than HTML through Cloudflare.

You can fix it by turn off proxy mod (turn yellow button off)

i’m didn’t proxy any videos.

whats yellow button u mean?

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You can disable yellow button it will fix

Cloudflare won’t allow you to serve other extension then HTML though their network.

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