Cache problem on new site

Hello everyone, I recently built a website on an oracle server (free) to test it and I can’t get the cache to work well with Cloudflare and WP Cloudflare Super Cache Plugin. It caches all the pages except the home page and I don’t touch anything in the CF dashboard, the plugin support tells me that the problem is CF and not the plugin that is already working with all the websites except the home page.

Will it be a CF problem with Oracle? I use this plugin and CF elsewhere but have it on a DigitalOcean server and never had a problem.

Barring specific page rules and such, by default, Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML.

WordPress pages are considered dynamic and aren’t completely cached by default. The same could be said for the testcache.html page referenced in your screen capture. It’s HTML and should also be considered as dynamic.

The Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin that you’re using is supposed create and manage the cache everything page rules for you. Either that or it can also use a Worker.

The issue here, offhand, I’d think is likely with the plugin you’re using rather than Cloudflare. Perhaps, a connectivity issue with Cloudflare’s API, incorrect credentials, misconfiguration, etc.

The Cloudflare plugin is free? Or any alternative?

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