Cache problem on mobile devices

Hi, I am using Wordpress on my website. After connecting to Cloudflare (Pro) we have problems on mobile devices. Some users don’t see the latest posts and comments. After clearing the cache on Cloudflare, the problem disappears until there are more new posts and comments. What could be the reason for this? How can I fix it?

Only on mobile devices? That’s strange.

What’s the URL of one of these pages?

Yes, main site for example. On mobile there is a swiper on top. Some users see old posts there.

I see you’re using APO. Have you enabled the feature for a separate mobile cache?

Ultimately, it looks like APO isn’t purging certain cached files which should be. You’d have to open a ticket to see why it’s not triggering a purge.

I activated it a few minutes ago. We’ll see if it helps.

I thought you had it enabled since the problem seems to only affect mobile devices.

It’ll be interesting to see if enabling it actually fixes the problem.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help.

We use Cloudflare plugin and it deactivates itself after some time. What could be the reason for this?
I tried to turn APO on and off, Auto Purge Content On Update also. It doesn’t do anything. Only turning on Development mode or clearing the cache manually fixes the problem…

Just FYI, purging hasn’t worked since January from reports on the GitHub WordPress apo plugin for mobiles.

There has been a thread on it since April. It’s broken with quite a few reports; devs tried, but it’s a big job. They are focused on other areas from the last dev reply instead of apo, my take from the devs message is not enough staff, but that’s just an assumption.

Turn off separate caching everyone, if you got a responsive them, you won’t need it and won’t be affected, dedicated mobile then need to wait sadly, given the history who knows when it will be fixed this isn’t new by a long shot.

Finger’s crossed.

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