Cache problem in popups

Hello! I need to ask you for help with this.
I have a plugin for popups (“Popup Maker”) on my website and I use it for some buttons, which when clicked the popup appears.
But sometimes this doesn’t work… to solve it, I made several changes to the caching plugin I use (WP Rocket) and changed some settings, which were suggested to me from the popup plugin support.

In addition to all this, I wanted to make sure that the popups do work, and I was suggested to check my CDN settings… but I didn’t find any options that worked for me.

Is there an option in Cloudflare to “never cache” URLs, plugins or CSS classes?

This would help me a lot.
Thank you!!

Hello there,

I’ve never heard of ‘never cache’. However, there are other options you can check it. Login to your dashboard, select the site and check the Caching menu.

I have already checked all the cache options in Cloudflare and there are none that work. It doesn’t help me to always purge the cache, that would slow down the web a lot and it’s not what I’m looking for… I need the option to never cache or something similar.
I have a screenshot of Wp Rocket that has this option. Is there something similar in Cloudflare?

Thank you very much!

You can set cache query level as: no query string
You can also set browser TTL to respect existing headers This can make difference if you’ve considered this is the issue specifically. Check your headers as well. Else, you need to debug the issue with the popup carefully.

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